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Thursday, September 27, 2018


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It’s bicycle season!

It’s bicycle season! The weather is getting warmer (and dryer?) and the end of school is in sight, perfect reasons to dust off the old wheels and take to the road. But before our kids do, we as parents need to remind them about bike safety and wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet is not just a matter of having something on your head, it needs to fit properly and it needs to be worn correctly.

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (www.otla.com) started an initiative in 2002 called “Helmets on Kids”. The program is intended to put a helmet on every child who needs one, provide safety education and awareness about bicycle helmet use. Participating OTLA members distribute, free of charge, new helmets through their local community partners. Since 2002, over 12,000 helmets have been distributed and this year 250 helmets while be distributed in Brantford by Smitiuch Injury Law and the Children’s Safety Village of Brant (www.csvbrant.ca).

Wearing a bicycle helmet is important. According to OTLA:

• Bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of a brain injury by up to 88%.
• It is the law in Ontario that children under the age of 18 MUST wear a bicycle helmet while riding a bicycle on the road or sidewalks.
• Helmets more than 5 years old should be replaced because they lose their protective abilities over time.
• You should replace your helmet if it has been in a hard fall or crash or has been dropped on a hard surface even if there is no visible damage.
• Baseball caps, hats, headphones, large hairclips and other such items should not be worn under a bicycle helmet.

So before your children take to the streets on their bicycles this summer, make sure they are wearing a helmet!

Ontario task force to tackle auto insurance fraud

The Ontario government is setting up a task force to advise it on how to deal with auto insurance fraud. Will it help reduce insurance premiums?


Read the March 30, 2011 Globe and Mail article for more details.

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